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3 Oct 2006 @ 04:59 by Elizabeth: Craby
I bought this toy... Amazing!!! Every man, should know many women have orgasm specially by stimulating the Clitors.
Dear Man, do you know what a clitoris is?
Dear Woman, try this toy, like i did and use it when you have sex.

Is THIS the ultimate sex toy?


Here's what our reviewer thought of this fantastic sex toy ...

When I first saw this toy I was sceptical but it soon performed way beyond even my expectations.

 It comes in a clear plastic box, though to save my blushes it was VERY discreetly packaged. It comes in two parts. First I saw the "head" end - you can't help but notice the two appealing eyes that look up at you from the box. Then there is the "control" end with a long, thin cable, meaning either you can comfortably control your own thrills (ladies) or (gents) you can move the control beyond the reach of the woman who you are pleasuring.

The device is simple and ingenious, with two wings that are designed to snugly grasp the outer labia - and this did not hurt me in the slightest ........see in their web site.....


Q: Hi CeeCee, Thanks for talking to me on the phone the other day. It was really cool that you spent all that time with me. I've never gotten a toy before and after talking to you I decided to go with the My Craby and the Hitachi . I can't wait for them to come! Well you know what I mean! So we talked about porn movies but I'm still on the fence. I like your suggestion of trying stuff from the 70's. But what should I get? You rock!
-- J

A: Great choices! You can't go wrong with the Hitachi Magic Wand. Customer favorite, staff favorite and best-seller since we've been in business! My Craby is the cutest! We just got this toy in and it has a great design that lets you gently fit the toy on the labia for hands free use. This is great to use with toys or your parner. It doesn't get in the way of penetration and has ten variable speed settings! Plus, the super soft covering houses a pretty strong bullet vibe and the hand held control lets you change up the sensation -- who doesn't love the pulse setting?


  • ¡El mejor estimulador clitorial de la historia!
  • El cangrejo se coloca con sus pinzas en los labios vaginales, a la altura del clítoris. Debidamente colocado no hace daño y proporciona un placer sin límites. No impide el coito.
  • Control digital de 10 funciones de vibración.
  • Funciona con 2 pilas tamaño LR6 (AA). (No incluidas).

5 of 5 Stars!
I have to say, this is one hell of an innovative product, so refreshingly simple to use and get the most from. Also, I have to say, it doesn't stop me having intercourse at the same time and it leaves my hands free to give my partner a thrill of his own. Not that he complained about the sensations around the base of his cock while we had full blown intercourse with this delightful little creature snapped firmly in place. Just so all your readers and visitors know this - no woman should live without experiencing this wonderful toy. I'm so glad you found this one So come on guys (and girls) get yours NOW!

Anna Liszt, 06/13/2005

Clipon Jewelry
Rating: Star5
Submitted 2007-05-14
By Maya Chapelle from San Francisco

I was surprised how good this felt clipped onto my pussy lips! I wanted something more painful ;) but those of you worried about comfort, worry no longer. It stays in place, plus it's really cute. Good for partner play or with insertion.

My Lippy Clippy
Rating: Star4
Submitted 2006-11-06
By Maya Chapelle from San Francisco, CA

My Craby is the cutest sex toy I've tried yet. I clipped him to my pussy, and he hung on tight while I tried the vibe controls. It was adorable how he was looking up at me while tickling my clit! The clips aren't painful, like clothespins or BDSM toys; there was no discomfort, just hands-free fun. I tried it solo, but will definitely break it out with a partner next time I get the opportunity. The positioning of the My Craby on the clit leaves you free and open for penetration.

I got the Craby the other day and thought to myself, I wonder how good this could be? Well I have to say it is AMAZING!!!! The clips did not hurt AT ALL! The vibrator has so many different controls, I was freaking out!! I laid there and relaxed letting the craby do all the work, in less than 10 minutes I had the BIIIIGGGG OOOOOO!!!! The best toy I have ever had and I love that it was hands free. :) My Craby for Life!!


I had your "My Craby" on the bar, both of them. It was a great hit! Everyone loved it! Of course, due to "health issues" , not everyone could play with it, it would have had so much dna on it ! lol
But I can tell you this, every one of the women liked it, liked the different settings, and was quite surprised as to the intensity of the vibration. I, myself was really impressed with the variety of settings it had! Now mind you, these are women that are use to "high voltage" attached to their genitals! Even tens units! lol The loved the composition of the material it was made out of. And thought it was cute as hell! I gave the small finger one to one of the Pro-Domme's to keep. Her submissive (female) called me and said that she had originally thought it wouldn't have gotten her off, but it did! lol
Marco, you done good! Oh, and my sister took the other "My Craby" home with her yesterday! lol Now I'm Crabby-less hehe.
G.C. fetishwarehouse ny

I think this is a really interesting product. I love all the variable vibration speeds and I am pleased with the construction of the Craby. At the present time my wife and I are experimenting with it to find out how it works best. At this point I've discovered that the Craby need to be firmly attached which is to say it's necessary to get as much of the outer lips as possible into the Craby holders so that the vibration end is snug against the clitoral area. We're presently experimenting on the positioning of it relative to the location of the clit. I understand that each person's anatomy may be slightly different which will require it to be moved up or down for the greatest sensation, however because our site is a bondage site, it's likely we'll be attaching the Craby to woman in bondage so it's important that we get it right (as much as possible) the first time. It is our hope that we can use the Craby in our photo shoots for a pleasure item on the models. I think it has a lot of possibilities in the studio and we will definitely use it on some of our shoots to see how well it works in that type of environment. And I will be happy to send you some photos/videos of the Craby in action once we start using it. That is, of course, assuming that I can get it away from my wife :-)
C.M. Babes In Bondage Land , Sexually Correct 

MyCraby is really nice.
I tried with my boyfriend and it works great. It took
me a little time in the beginning to adjust the crabby
because it felt a little uncomfortable with the clips,
but once I got used to the way it works, I had a great
time! Thanks a bunch!;-)

Hi ! What a hit "MY CRABY" was at our club Fetish Warehouse NY! Everyone loves it! The women had a blast with it and the men loved playing with the women and "MY CRABY" Keep up the great work! There are lots of smiles in the NYC fetish community and it's all your fault! :) ok, I'm smiling too! hugs Gail

He comprado este juguete, y quiero decir a el inventor::

"Eres el Leonardo de Vinci del clitoris!!!" Viky S.


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