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-Gently lift one labia alongside the clitoris between your finger and thumb of one hand with the MYCRABYTM eyes pointed towards the torso, open the side clip and close it over the lifted labia.
-Using your thumb on the raised plastic between the wings will offer you effective control of the clips (fig1).
-Do not be afraid to place too much flesh inside the clamps. -It will not hurt and in fact will hold for more time.
-Lift the other labia and place the other side in the MYCRABYTM clip (fig2,3).
-Again, using the raised center will help you control the clip and allow you to place more of the labia inside.
-Be sure to take advantage of the adjustable vibrations using the controller to heighten your pleasure even further.
-You can control the speed and vibration quickly and easily to experience the best orgasm possible.
-And don't worry, LOVING CRABYTM won't hurt because the skin is cartilage similar to your ears. It will fit snugly but comfortably.
-You may want to reposition MYCRABYTM based on your personal pleasure points (fig4).
-Note that penetration will be possible in several positions: from the top, in the missionary position and , even better, from behind.
-Some women find it more comfortable to shave the labia, but the most important point is that the labia should be clean and dry.
-If you want to apply lubrication, you should do so after positioning MYCRABYTM.
-Just follow the instructions above and position the MYCRABYTM securely but comfortably.
-Relax, and enjoy your new toy, MYCRABYTM taking you to new heights.
-If you have any questions or comments, feel free to direct them to us at

-You may want to have your partner assist you if you decide to attach it from the rear, two is always more fun! (fig5,6,7)

Download here and print your How To Use Pdf page format

-This video may answer your questions.



Enjoy your Loving CrabyTM !!!!



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