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My CRABY TM is a micro clitoral stimulator that ever so softly attaches to the external labia. The vibrating jelly rubber is designed to stimulate the clitoral area allowing freedom of movement and simultaneous penetration by a partner if desired.

Control is provided through 10 different vibrations and speeds so it can be adjusted to your desired level of sensitivity and mood.

It's strapless and one size fits all. Come experience a new level of enhanced pleasure with your partner - you'll both be happy you did.



My CRABYTM is the only Sex Toy that allows you to make love, and to stimulate the most sensitive part of a woman's sex, the clitoris, at the same time!!

And it's Hands Free!

When positioned on the clitoris, the LOVING CRABY TM provides powerful, hands-free vibration enhancing climaxes. It attaches comfortably and in a non-invasive manner.

This micro stimulator was intended to be used while having intercourse not to compete with your partner's virility, but to work in harmony for greater intimacy.

Hands Free Clitoral Stimulator
Senses are heightened during arousal - sounds, smells, tastes, touch and thoughts are all more intense. Imagine improving those sensations with or without a partner.

The LOVING CRABY TM has been engineered to provide increased pleasure while allowing full penetration. Its hands-free design allows you to focus your attention on each other or just on your own personal satisfaction.

The Loving Craby TM is a SEX-POSITIVE oriented adult toy.


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